Specifically for the Scarlett Johansson Obsessed

This is semi-nauseating but we will still tell you what we found this week on eBay. You can always find bazaar celebrity crap on eBay but this might take the cake. This week you can find Scarlett Johansson’s used tissue. She was just on NBC’s "Tonight" show promoting her new movie but no one really paid attention to that but, rather, the cold she caught from movie co-star Samual L. Jackson was a point of interest. Johansson was sniffling so Jay Leno handed her a tissue and voile its on eBay now. At least the money is going to a good cause, the actress publicly pledged to put all the money towards the hunger relief charity USA Harvest. Last time we took a look the snotty tissue had some 70 bids and was up to about $35K. The auction ends on Monday so if you’re seriously obsessed you better get to it. We know Johansson probably has some psycho stalkers out there who would encase and cherish the tissue forever, go figure.