A Private SubmersibleYacht? Meet Migaloo

There is a new toy in the works for the extremely wealthy: a submersible yacht. The 007-esque luxury yacht effectively doubles as a submarine! It was dreamt up by Austrian design studio Motion Code: Blue. The project is code named ‘Migaloo’ for an albino whale.

Submersible yacht

The reason the submersible yacht has been named after a whale lies in the marketing package. One of the main selling points of this creation is its ability to submerge, and they claim it is entirely possible for those on board to enjoy a spot of tea while traveling along with a pack of whales, as it is designed to dive to 240 meters. Sound awesome?

Submersible yacht

Migaloo submersible yacht concept at a glance

The amenities:

  • Oversized deck space for lounging, entertaining, pool and heliopad
  • Once submerged, all deck items are neatly stowed away. The pool can still be used while the yacht is in submarine mode.
  • Plenty of lounge areas, including private spaces for the owners to enjoy while entertaining. The owner’s suite sprawls over two levels.
  • What yacht would be complete without a cinema, library and gaming room?
  • Aside from the owner’s suite, there are 8 VIP suites located on sub-decks two and three. This thing is like the Titanic!
  • When submerged, passengers can glimpse life undersea via oversized pressure-proof glass windows. These windows feature special lighting to ensure a clear view when the waters allow.

Submersible yacht

The specifications:

  • The hull dimensions are similar to those of current submarines
  • There are two large hatches on each side of the yacht that drop open to form beach terraces. The design allows passengers constant access and views of the water.
  • Sun sails on the deck can be removed for sunbathing or provide protection from the heat
  • Ample tender and toy storage space
  • Sub-deck four is for crew quarters and includes laundry, dining and workout stations

Submersible yacht

Could this be the future of yachting?

Submersible yacht

Everything above deck tucks neatly in for submersion

Submersible yacht

Overall, this fantasy submarine yacht concept could become a reality if a buyer steps forward with some serious cash flow!


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