Most Expensive: Taste of Diamonds Champagne Costs as Much as a Bugatti Veyron

For those who have a thirst for the insane, there is ‘Taste of Diamonds’ Champagne. This bubbly can be purchased for the reasonable rate of just $1.8 million per bottle…or about the same as a brand new Bugatti Veyron hypercar. Created by luxury connoisseur Alexander Amosu, this could be the most expensive Champagne in the world.

Taste of Diamonds Champagne

Taste of Diamonds Champagne is hard to swallow at $1.8 million per bottle. Would you rather have a bottle of bubbly and a shiny rock, a Bugatti Veyron or a lifetime of unlimited supercar rentals? 

Taste of Diamonds Champagne

If the price sounds a little steep, relax–Taste of Diamonds Champagne bottles come encrusted with a 19-karat diamond and a bit of 18-karat gold. Unlike the million-dollar vodka, there is something left behind to remember this purchase…unless some idiot makes a bet and swallows the diamond. Stranger things have happened on an upscale night on the town. Outrageously expensive cocktails and signature bottles are not a new thing, but when they soar to the million-dollar and up range they become legend. Still, for that price one could own a variety of supercars or some of the fastest and most amazing specimens out there, like a Hennessey Venom GT or a Bugatti Veyron.

Taste of Diamonds Champagne

The bottle was designed to draw to mind the extravagance and spirit of the roaring 20s. Each one is personalized with the buyer’s name on a gold tag with the brand logo. The labels can, of course, be customized in any way for $1.8 million USD.

Taste of Diamonds Champagne

Goût de Diamants is the brand responsible for ‘Taste of Diamonds’ Champagne, which will likely be enjoyed responsibly at nearly $2 million a pop. 

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