Ferrari Sporting Activities Department Poised to Deliver Faster Toys

To close the gaps between the Ferrari Formula One program and Corse Clienti customer racing, the Ferrari Sporting Activities Department has formed. This new department will seamlessly connect activities and perks of both arenas to effectively power up the track segments and efforts. This will lead to faster connections and cars for the Prancing Horse right out of the stable.

Ferrari Sporting Activities DepartmentMuch like the photo above, it takes many hands to keep Ferrari running smoothly both on and off the track. It is that very same idea that has led to the creation of the Ferrari Sporting Activities Department. 

The Ferrari Sporting Activities Department will be led by Antonello Coletta, who will in turn report directly to Stefano Domenicali, the Ferrari Formula One team principle. I, for one, would love to sit in on those meetings! Coletta will have a broad overview of all Ferrari racing and Corse Clienti endeavors. Corse Clienti was created in 2001 to give clients the opportunities to compete against one another in special races and for Ferrari to turn their feedback into engineering results. The Ferrari F1 program is, of course, the Scuderia racing team. The Ferrari Challenge and Corsa Clienti must be interconnected in some ways to form the optimum Ferrari experience for both team members and clients. The Horse is certainly prancing in the right direction.

Ferrari Sporting Activities DepartmentThe perks of this new department and inter-department relationship are abundant. It will essentially serve as a gateway to eliminate the gray areas between sections and secure a more stable overall approach to what Ferrari is capable of on the track for both clients and racers. The team is looking forward to a successful season and is currently developing a track-only version of the fabulous LaFerrari.

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