Tesla Model S Sales are Electric after just 18 Months

The electric car revolution is happening slowly but surely. Case in point: Tesla sales were at 25,000 for the Model S after just 18 months on the market. The snazzy electric sedan successfully outsold its predecessor, the 2008 Roadster and is serving as an indicator for the current and future market for the electric powertrain. Tesla Model S

Tesla unloaded a staggering 25,000 Model S electric sedans. The sales have led many to question if the electric revolution has begun? 

The Tesla Model S electric sedans are born in the Fremont plant located in California. California is notorious for its acceptance of all things green, and it even embraced the horrid Prius with open arms. Thankfully, the Model S is actually an attractive alternate powertrain vehicle.

The Tesla Model S beat out the Nissan LEAF, which enjoyed somewhat impressive sales of 75,000. These are the numbers for just two electric models– imagine the global market if all brands were factored in? It does not seem like that long ago that the electric car was scoffed at and a long road away from being taken seriously.

Tesla Model S

Fun fact: The California plant churns out approximately 550 Tesla Model S electric cars weekly. 

The future looks bright for Tesla, who renewed its contract with Panasonic. That relationship is an indicator that Tesla intends to continue its current pace and will require batteries from Panasonic, to the tune of 1.8 billion lithium-ion battery cells over the next four years! Look for more electric cars from Tesla, including the Model X SUV, Model E and maybe more by 2016. Keep plugging the numbers, Tesla! Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is both compact and sophisticated. With sleek lines and an upscale vibe, onlookers will see far more than fuel savings. 

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