Once You Go Black You Never Go Back

The American Express Titanium Centurion card opens doors the world over but just what kind of doors?  If you haven’t been invited into the "Black Card" club yet then you have no idea. The Centurion Black card may be beyond your scope but this is why we love it. Below you will find five of the most absurd, most bazaar requests made by Centurion clients. And Amex Centurion didn’t think twice.

1.  A Centurion cardmember called American Express after getting stuck in the Sahara desert. Centurion organized for the Moroccan army to airlift the couple to safety.

2.  A Cardmember dying for a rare Hermes Birkin bag worth $125,000 plus asked American Express to find her one. American Express is currently working with Harrods to locate the Birkin bag in Europe.

3.  A Cardmember called to request ten rare African tree frogs in a specific color green for his daughter’s birthday. The Centurion team found a pet shop in London that kept the frogs and delivered them in time for the party.

4.  Centurion found a bottle of 40 year old Don Perignon champagne for a Cardmember’s 40th wedding anniversary, the same vintage as they made their first toast with.

5.  For a Cardmember who wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a big way, Centurion arranged for a plane to fly over Victoria Falls with a banner behind reading “will you marry me?”

The Amex Centurion Black card goes the distance, whatever, whenever. American Express Centurion is a highly regarded resource to celebrities and elite people of the world. So what has your American Express Black Card done lately?