Juicy Goodness From Sir Elton John

Everybody owns an iPod, most people own a few. An iPod for the gym, one for the car, one to sing with in the shower; a nano, a touch, a shuffle, a mini, etc. etc. So what’s the harm in just one more iPod, especially if its for a good cause?

A new set of Swarovski-crystal studded iPods is in to collect. Designed exclusively by the "Rocket Man" himself, that is Sir Elton John. A Portion of the proceeds will go to Sir Elton’s AIDS Foundation. The "Starburst" set for Elton John AIDS Foundation are available in, count them, nine bling-tastic colors. Each nano is adorned with 250 color-coordinated Swarovski crystals, rainbows and glitter, oh my. The nanos are available in 8GB and 16G versions and each one comes complete with "Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits CD" by Elton John, of course. Plus, his signature engraved on the back. Only 1000 limited edition Starburst EJAF iPods will be made available. You can get yours from the Elton John AIDS Foundation or Selfridges for just $500. If you’re not into Elton John then get a regular nano and beadazzle it, if you’re a diehard fan then order your Starburst iPod immediately. And if you don’t care either way about Elton John, this iPod is still a shiny gift idea and, moreover, a donation to a good cause.