The New Batmobile! An Extreme in Exotic Luxury Cars.

SVS codatronca TS

If you have a lot of money like Bruce Wayne, you can afford to be Batman too.  Thats right, you can drop your kid off at school in a Batmobile.   This exotic car will make the real Batman jealous, plus your kid will probably think you’re a better real life superhero. Isn’t that just heart warming? Not to go all Oprah on you but the SVS Codatronca TS luxury car is a seriously sweet car that looks like it came straight from Gotham City.

Ercole Spada is the ex-Zagato Design Chief with a knack for designing light weight, aerodynamic car classics like the 1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, the 1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ, and the 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ.  Now Spada has revived his design philosophy through SpadaConcept which is his Italian design studio, with son Paolo Spada (former designer at Smart and Honda). Their first model likened to an updated, Italian take on the Batmobile, is called the SVS Codatronca TS or "truncated tail, turismo sportivo." The SpadaConcept company’s focus is on “functional design”, which, according to Ercole Spada, means to express functionality of an object through its shape. Thus, the first Spada Vetture Sport has an undeniably avant-garde shape, it is a car that is both bold and daring.

svs codatronca tsA laundry list of big name partners like Alcantara, Sparco, Aznom, Pirelli, and O.Z. Racing, will supply parts for the stealthy-looking SVS luxury sports cars. The Corvette-sourced 7 liter LS7V-8 engine, supercharged for 622 horsepower and 493 ft pounds of torque, catapults the 3000-pound tubular aluminum frame and fiberglass body to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds. In 6th gear the Codatronca TS exotic car will attain 211 mph; an onboard data recorder stores up to 80 hours of track telemetry and a digital readout on the tail displays the car’s lateral g-forces. The Codatronca TS will also be available with a flex-fuel modification that will allow the car to run on BioFuel E85. This exotic car has an engine with both mechanical and electronic components designed to respect the specification of the client’s needs. "Client’s needs," has a nice to ring to it doesn’t it? SpadaConcept doesn’t seem to be just about profit or race track records but rather designing for the pure pleasure of driving.  Ercole Spada insists that he has a moral obligation on his part to create hand-built niche vehicles and he will limit production to just 20 cars per year.


The cockpit is light and airy with a technological air-conditioner system, a rear camera keeps the back view visable at all times and a clock designed by Meccanicheveloci with automatic recharge, is just another taste of fine Italian craftmenship. For $432K you can own this fierce, Italian retro-twist on a classic American comic-book hero.