Roll Over Gianni the Versace Mansion is Going Public

Versace Mansion, Miami BeachWe are always at home in Casa Casuarina a.k.a the Versace Mansion and now you can be too, sort of.  Versace Mansion in Miami Beach is the fabulous manse that used to belong to the late, great Gianni Versace.  Now the magical multi-million dollar Mansion is owned by Peter Loftin and for $50 bucks a head he’s opening up the flood gates.  From August 18th to September 30th tourists can wander through the mansion on a 45 minute guided tour. What gives Peter?  One of the best parts of Versace was the members only select, the mystery behind the wrought iron gates and you just sold out for a 50 spot.  Rumor has it that in these harsh economic times of ours, Loftin needs some extra dough to maintain the property and keep it looking fabulous.  We are not happy about opening Versace Mansion to the public, it feels so dirty and for $50 so demeaning.  Gianni Versace is probably rolling in his grave right now, way to take the sophistication out of a place that was meant for the sophisticated.