The Pershing 64 Luxury Yacht

Pershing 64


The Pershing 64 luxury yacht is pushing the yachting world full knots ahead.  Designed by Fulvio De Simoni of the Ferrettie Group firm, the Pershing 64 features mega-yacht luxuries with a sports-style performance.  Three decadent cabins, furnished by Poltrona Frau the renowned Italian leather furniture manufacturer, sleep 8 and entertain up to 16 passengers. The indoor/outdoor lounging area can be opened up to take in the sky or closed with air conditioning on, to escape the aquatic elements.

Pershign 64This luxury yacht has the galley on the intermediate deck allowing for more recreational space, enough to make every other 64 footer jealous. The Pershing’ s revolutionary layout makes the hardtop sports yacht appear much larger than its actual dimensions.  The master cabin has two large windows that overwhelm the suite with sunlight.  Plus, the master comes standard with lounger, vanity unit, a flat-screen television, and ample storage space.  The central sundeck has a hidden hangar big enough to store a jet ski, and the walkways are wide for uninhibited movement aboard ship.  Pershing 64

This sports yacht has twin 1550hp MAN engines and Arneson ASD 14 liter drives hustle the Pershing to an awesome 46 Knots, in terrestrial terms that’s about 52 miles per hour.  The Pershing 64 will convince even the water weary to climb aboard and find their sea legs.  Thanks are in order to the Ferrettie firm for giving us the 2008 Pershing 64.  We love the new kind of luxurious sports yacht, keep up the good work!