Most Expensive Feet Fleet for Him

Gucci Sneaker 

A high profile guy now needs high profile kicks. Our favorite high fashion labels have gone into the business of making everyday sneakers, just for him.  Nike, Reebok, and Adidas may have some boyish charm but every women is after a man’s man. Women know a lot about fancy footwear, they spend upwards of thousands everyday on Laboutin, Fendi and Versace heels, just to name a few. If her shoe’s don’t have red bottoms or didn’t cost an arm and a leg she’s probably absolutely miserable.

The high priced shoe phenomenon now includes both genders. Guys be brave, we know you love your classic Dunks and Airmax 90’s, but it’s time to grow up. Take off the Nike’s and step away, now go be bold with Gucci, Alejandro Ingelmo, Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada. They all make expensive athletic footwear that will get you noticed, upping the wearers performance and value. There are a few we found and love, Gucci makes bomb high top sneaks priced at $875 a pop. If you don’t know Alejandro Ingelmo, then get familiar because his classic slip on sneaker in metallic yellow and silver finishes are out of this world, and a bargain at $435 a pair. Salvatore Ferragamo’s white, Nash Sneaker for $450 will help you get into exclusive white parties. Prada has some high priced kicks too. We are huge fans of Prada’s Tejus loafers, for $1300 they are absolutely worth the  pricetage. These glitzy high fashion kicks come in both high-tops and regular-cut models in exotic skins, like leopard-print patterns, snakeskin, and metallic finishes before you laugh just take a look. Check the fancy footwear out, we wouldn’t steer you wrong!