The Plaza Hotel is Home, Sweet Home


Finding a home in New York City is hard without money. On the flip side if you are, still, a million or billionaire then we have the place. A three bedroom space in the City’s legendary Plaza Hotel. Location, location, location is a big deal in New York City and this apartment affords that, located on Fifth Avenue at Central Park. The ceilings are ultra high and natural light floods through the space. The soft white walls are evocative of heaven on Fifth Avenue. The apartment has a foyer, kitchen, library and baths with custom tile-inlays modeled after the Plaza lobbies.


What’s more, if you believe there could even be more, is a chic collection of contemporary art and furniture. In this Plaza Hotel apartment you will find a Kate Moss portrait by Chuck Close and Philippe Starck Ghost chairs. Where words don’t do justice, do a walk through and you will find a mesmerizing modern art collection. The full-on collection really puts the gorge in goregeous.  

The apartment that we could die for is listed at $13.75 million and with all included, that’s a serious steal. Take advantage of one perk in a bad market, a way low listing price for this Plaza Hotel palace. Call the Plaza Hotel your home sweet home.