The Valentine’s Gift He Will Love You More For: Exotic Rental Car

For all girlfriends, wives, lovers, etc. etc, without a Valentine’s Day clue. Do like Jessica Simpson did on her MTV hit reality show "Newlyweds." The deficient blonde who called herself a singer should be remembered for three things. One, being hot, two, being laughable, and three, getting her husband Nick Lachey the perfect Valentine’s Day present.

On Valentine’s Day newlyweds Jessica got Nick an exotic luxury car. Nick looked like he might die when a hot red Ferrari pulled into his driveway. Jessica didn’t buy Nick the Ferrari but rather rented one for Valentine’s Day. Gifting Nick an exotic luxury rental seems to be the only semi-intelligent decision Jess ever made. Rather than buy a quarter million dollar plus car, try renting first. With a good luxury rental company its easy, you get a beautiful luxury car, where you want it, when you want it, for however long you want it. First think about it this way, its cheap, cheap, cheap to rent for a few days rather than buy. Second, your man will get the same driving thrill and dumbfound smile from a rental. In fact, he’ll probably be more relaxed and appreciative knowing he doesn’t have to pay car insurance on the thing. Last, renting an exotic luxury car affords flexibility, he won’t get stuck driving the same-old depreciating car everyday. If you wanted you could rent him a different exotic car each day of the Valentine’s week. Even the guy who has everything can appreciate driving a different Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Bentley, etc. every day.

Put him behind the wheel of an exotic luxury car and we guarantee he will love you forever. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time but, ladies, this gift works all the time. Think about his birthdays, anniversaries, business promotions, black tie events or even as an "I’m sorry" gift. Or just rent him a luxe car to make an ordinary night out, that much more extraordinary.  If not for him then do it for you because your guy will look so fantastic driving whatever you rent him, that you’ll fall in love all over again. Enjoy the ride, happy Valentine’s Day!