The Feigned Grand Opening at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach Next Weekend

Last weekend we partied with A-list celebrities and sexy Victoria’s Secret models at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. We think last weekend was the Grand Opening but apparently not. We don’t believe last weekend will ever be outdone but the hotel is going ahead with a Grand Opening event this coming weekend. The event seems like it is for the not so important people of Miami Beach because everyone worthwhile was already there.

This is the deal, Blade Sushi Bar will kick off again this Friday, November 21st. Just as the name suggests it is a sushi bar. Partiers can go into Blade for a late sushi dinner or to get the party started really early. Blade is an indoor-outdoor space, that will feature a chill DJ to get you into the party mindset. Blade is on the ground floor of the Chateau tower.

Next there is LIV nightclub, which will get its spotlight this coming Saturday night, November 22nd. LIV at the Fontainebleau is a 30,000 square foot space with three bars. Plus, for the uber-VIP there are six private skyboxes that sit above the crowds. Each VIP box will feature a European bottle service, mini-bar and banquettes with secured purse drawers. Thus, as you sit in your box you can look down through the glass at the regular people, as happened last weekend. We are told that every Saturday night will feature house music, the aggressive beats will be loved by some but not all. If you like Myntlounge on Collins Avenur or you’re from Europe, then LIV will probably be your new home club. David Guetta is set to spin the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Tiesto on December 27th and we are sure the Fontainebleau has an extensive list of other famous house DJ’s. If you aren’t one for fist pumping and dropping ecstasy then you may want to try LIV not on Saturdays, apparently they will also have hip-hop and rock music. We hear rumors that tour buses will be packing in the Miami Beach partiers and transporting them to LIV this Saturday, we foresee LIV turning into a zoo rather then a club but, hey, why not? They are settled on packing the place out, adhering to the theory of quantity over quality which never turns out well for a Miami Beach hotspot. The point is to keep a club exclusive, leave people outside and they will keep coming back, it becomes a twisted mission to get in. If you let the whole world in on the first night then there’s no mystery, there’s nothing left but we will still wish LIV well. We hope that LIV has a fantastic opening and an even better year because we adore the Miami Marketing Group and believe in them. We also don’t want to knock a hotel of the Fontainebleau’s magnitute just yet, we will see what happens. 

LIV is also in the Chateau Tower, we really doubt this Grand Opening will top last weekend but we will give it another go around. Stat posted for more stories and pictures after we do some more homework, codeword for rough weekend of partying.