Top Gear Cancels Bugatti Bridge Blastoff

When Top Gear comes to town with a million dollar plus supercar, they attract attention. Hundreds of spectators lined the Gandy Bridge in Tampa, Florida in hopes of watching Top Gear blast a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse over it at speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the shoot was called off once the crew arrived on scene and witnessed the swarm of fans crowding the bridge. They cited safety concerns and promptly applied the brakes to the epic blast across the bridge.

Top Gear Cancels Bugatti episode

Top Gear Bugatti stunt cancelled, citing safety reasons. The thick crowd posed too much of a risk for the show to go on.

Hopeful spectators were not completely let down, however, as they did get to see the orange and black Vitesse. They just did not get to see the Bugatti breaking the speed limit in its element. The brave onlookers stood mere feet from the pavement, which may have ultimately led to the executive decision to forego the episode.

Top Gear Bugatti

Reaching extremely high speeds in a supercar always poses a bit of risk, and that is greatly enhanced with hundreds of bodies lined up. The Top Gear crew simply could not risk a serious game of human bowling!

Top Gear Bugatti

The road became a stage

Top Gear Bugatti

So how did everyone know where to be? Top Gear had to acquire a permit in order to close the bridge from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., which was a giveaway. Also, co-host Tanner Foust Tweeted that the team was heading to Tampa…so it would not require a genius to connect the dots.  They did film in many areas of Tampa, including downtown, and the less-exhilarating episode will likely air sometime in 2013.

Top Gear Bugatti


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