Finally: Porsche Macan SUV Spotted Testing

The 2013 Porsche Macan SUV has finally been spied testing in Germany! Now that the brakes have been applied to speculation and renderings, what do you think of the coupe-ish luxury SUV from Porsche? While it is quite similar to its sibling (Cayenne), there are some distinguishing features.

Porsche Macan SUV

On a testing version, the headlights, taillights were altered slightly and a fake chrome strip was applied towards the rear of the doors. They were actually stickers that failed to fool gearheads into thinking it was a Porsche Cayenne.

Development of the Macan SUV appears to be full-speed ahead toward production. It appears that the basic platform comes from the Audi Q5, down to the very Audi wheels shown on the test Macan. The end result will, of course, be far more luxurious for the Porsche version.

Porsche Macan SUV

Word is that the Macan will be powered by the first Porsche four-cylinder engine since the 968 was phased out in 1995.

The Macan will be sportier and more sophisticated than Audi’s Q5, with perhaps more interest on the exterior than the Cayenne. The Macan has a larger and more pronounced grille and lacks creases in the bonnet, with more exaggerated overhands and a sloped rear. Didn’t notice? Don’t worry, the differences are subtle.

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The main difference between the Porsche Cayenne and its attention-starved new sibling will be in the pricing arena. Powertrains will be borrowed from Audi and tuned to Porsche performance levels, generating a 375 PS V6 turbocharged Macan. It will be poised about 80 horses above the Cayenne, and obviously below the 911 range.

The clip above shows the Macan on the streets at night in Stuttgart, Germany.  


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