Lexus LFA to Make Supercar Cross-Country Trip with Top Gear

What makes a road trip epic? Top Gear is taking 3 supercars on a cross-country road trip to test their endurance, functionality, power and other categories! Among the chosen lineup is the Lexus LFA supercar, which we at Imagine Lifestyles have driven and are quite fond of! This Top Gear supercar roadtrip will be followed by millions.

Top Gear supercar roadtrip

The Top Gear supercar roadtrip is crossing the country. The Lexus in the photo is yellow, which could indicate it is the LFA Tokyo Edition.

The cars
The chosen fleet for the Top Gear supercar road trip include the Lexus LFA, Aston Martin Vanquish and a 2013 SRT Viper. Who wants to wager Jeremy Clarkson drives the Aston Martin? My bet is that May will choose the LFA.

The route
The supercar road trip will take place in the states, marking their fourth American odyssey. This journey will be much more palatable than their trip from Miami to New Orleans in beater cars painted with slogans generated to draw negative attention in the areas. The cars boldly read: “Hilary for President”, “NASCAR sucks” and “Man-love rules”. Brits are very brave, sporting sayings like that in Merica’s southern states! It was a very clever challenge from the Top Gear producers, who quite obviously want them all dead.

Top Gear supercar roadtrip

The boys also hit up the Salt Flats with American muscle and toured New York with some of Europe’s finest supercars. This next American road trip will certainly not disappoint!

Top Gear supercar roadtrip

They have already arrived stateside, as Clarkson recently Tweeted:
“People of America. We have passed muster at your idiotic border controls, and we are here, ready to play.” Ahh…leave it to Clarkson to insult upon arrival…I do love the way the British can slide an insult into any sentence, and make it sound completely appropriate in almost all circumstances!

Top Gear supercar roadtrip

Stay tuned to find out how the trip turns out, and all details therein!


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