What Type of Bugatti Can be Driven Hard?

A Bugatti is a rare and special luxury vehicle to be treasured, preserved and passed down. Many Bugatti cars have a rich and interesting history and should be kept intact. What I am gearing up for is to say that an older Bugatti is not a car to be driven hard…as tempting as that may be. Unless you have a 1927 Type 35 Pur Sang replica on hand, like Jay Leno!

1927 Type 35 Pur Sang replica

Jay Leno’s 1927 Type 35 Pur Sang replica

Pur Sang crafts perfect luxury replica cars. Jay Leno’s Pur Sang Bugatti Type 35 is nearly flawless, and he claims it would take a Bugatti expert to notice it is a copy. So what is the best part about a replica? One can literally drive the hell out of it with zero guilt and 100% pleasure! And Jay does…watch the clip below!

This episode of Jay Leno’s Garage showcases his rare 1927 Type 35 Pur Sang replica. Why does Leno own a replica when he obviously owns plenty of the real deals? Watch and find out!

Leno mentions that the term ‘replica’ is actually horribly misused and overused. What he means by this is that a real replica should maintain the integrity of the original, and that every replica car out there should do more than just resemble its muse. Pur Sang always wanted a Bugatti, but could not afford one. While restoring a client’s car, they created an (almost) exact replica, and the quality company was born. Pur Sang is a name to be trusted when it comes to real replica cars.

Bugatti Pur Sang edition

The Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang edition emerged in 2007 in a limited run of just 5 units. European customers inhaled all 5 cars before Americans could even reach for their checkbooks!

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