Tour Bus Takes Out Ferrari California…in California

A public transport vehicle has wreaked havoc on an Italian stallion…no, not Sylvester Stallone, but a spankin’ new Ferrari California. Regardless of who started this fight, the bus definitely won the battle! The California in California suffered serious damage, and thankfully the driver is ok. (Video footage at bottom of post)

Ferrari California crash

The aftermath was a sorry sight!

If you haven’t seen the all-new car yet, watch our video of a hot Miami model’s First Time Driving a Ferrari.  The video highlights our Miami Ferrari California rental and how driver-oriented it truly is.

Curiously, there is not much info about which driver is at fault, so I assume that each is blaming the other. Buses generally use their size to pretty much go wherever they want under the assumption that things will move…and it is fairly hard to miss one. But, the side of the tour bus says "Shalimar", which is Indian for ‘Abode of love’…if you are familiar with India’s horrid driving skills, signs would point to the bus driver being at fault. I would really like to know the outcome of this exotic car crash when it comes down to fault and insurance!

Ferrari Crash California

Shalimar, indeed…

The tour bus shows very little damage to the sides, where the Ferrari got friendly. The supercar will require new front suspensions and bodywork. Who shall pay for these pricy repairs? Place your predictions in the comment section below!






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