Toyota Motor Corp. Focuses on Future, a Green Future

Toyota Motor CorpToyota Motor Corp. is a tough brand, and has had many punches to roll with in recent months.  The strong and fighting spirit of this classic luxury car brand is in full effect, as it is purchasing $50 million in common shares in the electric-car venture started by Tesla. 

This does not come as a shock until you consider that Toyota is also simultaneously recalling approximately 8 million cars in multiple countries, due to acceleration defects, repairable via the car’s computer system.

The company is taking the high road, initiating the recall with a positive outlook, viewing it as a “good lesson”, rather than making excuses.  Toyota is poised to emerge stronger and savvier after the sequence of recalls.

To highlight that positive spirit, Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda said,

“There is a Japanese proverb that states:  “After the rain, the ground hardens”.  I am very confident we will look back and say the company has become more focused on our customers and safety because we went through this period.”

And the future Toyoda is referring to seems to be focused on electric cars, judging by the investment in Tesla’s electric car venture.  Gaining a competitive edge in the luxury hybrid market is a strategic plan for the company, as green seems to be the color of the very near future.

Reports say that Toyota hopes to introduce all-electric vehicles to the market as early as 2012, and feels that the California-based Tesla will assist in jumpstarting this plan.

Not that Toyota is new to the luxury hybrid realm; its Pruis hybrid was widely accepted.  Tesla’s cars take the green dream a step further, with zero-emission, all-electric vehicles. 

I was thrilled to attend the North American debut of the Lexus LFA supercar, the first-ever attempt by Toyota Motor Corp. to compete in the supercar division.  I feel confident that the company will compete just as impressively in the electric car division.  I can’t wait to see what green car Toyota gives us next! 

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