Overfinch Tuned Range Rover Sport is the Full Package

The British tuning company Overfinch is making headlines with its latest offering, which features a Range Rover Sport. The tuned Range Rover Sport from Overfinch is a good option for those eager to upgrade both the appearance and the powertrain of their vehicles. Interested parties should place their orders, however, as just 100 will be accepted annually. Tuned Range RoverThe sleek gunmetal exterior gives the Overfinch tuned Range Rover a more aggressive effect. It almost seems like it is an armored luxury SUV and is certainly worthy of celebrity clientele. 

The Overfinch tuned Range Rover Sport at a glance:

  • Digitally remapped ECU.
  • Revised exhaust system.
  • Revised supercharger.
  • The Range Rover Sport’s standard 5.0-liter supercharged V8 purrs a bit harder with the above mentioned revisions. The 510bhp is taken up an additional 42.
  • Specialized Bluetooth-controlled ‘Track mode’ feature is integrated into the Overfinch key fob. With one touch, this feature blasts open Twin Pulse Width Modulators nestled in the exhaust to unleash further potential.
  • Buyers have many choices to make in the styling arena. Aside from bespoke carbon fiber trimming and flashy new LEDs, there are endless color schemes and materials to select from.

Tuned Range RoverThe profile is decadent. The sharp red accents look fantastic with the exterior gunmetal shade and the darkened windows. Parts of it could be murdered-out to make it even more awesome, but that is a task dependent on buyer preference. 

Tuned Range Rover

The Overfinch tuned Range Rover Sport is not something many would kick out of their exotic car collection.

Tuned Range RoverWhat would you change about this tuned Range Rover, if anything?

The finished product is perched on 21-23 inch alloy wheels and branded with Overfinch badging. Is this a performance package befitting a Range Rover Sport? Comment below!

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