Porsche 718 Gets Green Light for 2016 Launch

The next-generation of the entry-level Porsche roadster has been given the green light for a 2016 production run. The Porsche 718 will join the luxury fleet with a possible different name but enough fine-tuning and good looks to captivate buyers and renters alike.

Porsche 718What exactly will the 718 look like or even be called?

The Porsche 718 will be a diminutive yet powerful roadster based a bit on the Porsche 550 convertible from the 1950s and the 914 racers from the 1960s. A Boxster platform is expected but with some serious gearshifts and modifications. New lightweight materials will be used to lower curb weight and increase speed for the new lady.

While the next-gen Porsche roadster will be lighter in weight, she will not be on the wallet. The Porsche 718 will likely be laden with all of the gadgetry and convenience the world has come to expect nestled into a cockpit, along with various performance package offerings to entice buyers.

Porsche 718 detailsThe powertrain

Power for the Porsche 718 roadster is anticipated to come from a 2.0-liter flat-four pushing out just 286 ponies to the back. The transmission could be a dual-clutch, but an all-out manual option would be a surprise. It would mark the first four-banger Boxer since the end of the Porsche 912 and likely be turbocharged. It is rumored that the next step up in power would then pack a 2.5-liter with 360 horses.

Perks of the next generation of Porsche include more creature comforts, better looks and new materials. Those not too picky about power can obtain one for a reasonable price. The rest can rent the lifestyle for the weekend for far less! Overall, the exterior styling cues will be drafted and redrafted prior to the official unveil, which could come as early as the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Pricing is expected to come in low at the $50k mark, with the fastest options perhaps approaching or breaking $100k.

Porsche 718

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