The Ultimate Luxury Adventure Vacation-Fireball Run!

Are you a fan of “The Amazing Race”?  Do you like to go fast?  Let me introduce you to the “Fireball Run”, a 9-day invitational interactive game spanning 18 cities and 3,500 miles! 

The Fireball Run is part rally, part game and part race.  This interactive event essentially transforms the United States into a game board, spanning from Nevada to Minnesota, and the teams are the game pawns! 

The rules are fun-in order for the teams to advance, they must accomplish missions, and solve the clues in order to navigate the route earning points (think reality shows and games). 

What type of missions, you ask?  Well, as this event is sanctioned by the United States Auto Club, the Fireball Run has weaved in challenging racetrack competitions to add to the excitement.  Gentlemen, start your engines!  (Sorry, always wanted to say that).

So if you have an extra $28,000.00 ($7997.00 if you are a business owner or corporate level executive) lying around just clamoring to be spent and are craving adventure, select your car and start getting revved up for an awesome experience!  Swallowing hard?  You get more than your money’s worth with this event, and it is for a compelling cause, missing children. 

Registration includes everything for up to 3 people per participating car (you drive any car youFireball Run Luxury Adventure Vacation Helps Children please, and I like the "Team Angry" car pictured to the right):

•    Breakfast, lunch, dinner
•    Drinks (spirits & soft)
•    Single room, double occupancy at all hotels & resorts
•    Track fees for all 9 days
•    All VIP events & parties


While you are enjoying the thrills and challenges, you can also feel good knowing that you are also giving back!  The teams participating in the Fireball Run are simultaneously participating in the “Race to Recover America’s Missing Children”, as the teams will be distributing missing children posters along the entire route.  Race to Recover is the largest active recovery effort for missing and exploited children.

A total of approximately 75,000 posters will be placed along the 3,500-mile route from one side of America to the other!  Each team is assigned a specific child.  Efforts have aided in the recovery of an unprecedented 32 missing children, which is awe-inspiring and fantastic.

This luxury event is headquartered at Universal Studios and only 25 entries remain available for this year.  The Fireball Run will be held September 23rd –October 2nd, 2010 and is hosted by & TeamLuxuryLifestyle.  This is the perfect event if you do not own an exotic car or want to drive a car other than your own is to drive a luxury rental car.

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