Video: Squirrel Darts in Path of 100mph+ Lamborghini!

It is one thing for a creature to run across a street, narrowly escaping typical traffic.  It is quite another thing to see a video of a squirrel survive crossing the path of a Lamborghini supercar doing over 100 mph on the track!

If you are thinking of renting a Lamborghini and reserving some track time, know that this is an anomaly and hasn’t occurred that we know of prior to this!

Lamborghini Squirrel Encounter

Lamborghini Squirrel Encounter

The Lamborghini was driving in The Ultimate Lamborghini Experience in Fontana, California when the squirrel decided to cross the road (and we always thought it was the chicken who crossed the road).  Lame joke, but you know you smiled.

Just when it appears that the lil furry fellow has met his demise, watch it appear on the other side nearly unscathed, save a section of its tail!  A tail is a small sacrifice for the scope of this tale!




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