What Slows Down the World’s Fastest Car?

What can slow down the world’s fastest car, the powerful Bugatti Veyron? That would be a speed bump, as shown in the short clip below! The Veyron Super Sport is possibly the most coveted car available on the market, and footage of it in action are always in demand–like the pictures below of a Bugatti parked illegally in a disabled spot!

Bugatti parked in disabled spot

What is wrong with this picture?

The Veyron currently holds the title of the fastest car on the planet, thanks to the fact that it screams past any speed limit at 240 miles per hour…just not any speed bumps, please! Ridiculously fast, expensive and ostentatious, the mighty Bugatti Veyron is only humbled by speed humps. It appears to crawl over them much like a tortoise—or a Lamborghini.

Watch the clip above to see the badass Bugatti buckle to a crawl over the bumps

The clip was captured outside the Shamshabad International Airport in Hyderabad, India. Perhaps the airport’s intentions with the speed bumps are to prevent fast exotic cars from lifting-off or showing off. I feel confident that the driver of the Veyron was comforted by the fact that while the trip through the airport was somewhat delayed, it was also a chance to generate additional stares in slow motion.

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