Good With No Hood: The Bentley Continental Convertible

Bentley GTCWe are straight shooters and when it comes to the Bentley Continental GTC, it’s just not for everyone. Put it to you this way, not everyone is cut out to be a fine art collector. The majority of people can’t afford it and the rest wouldn’t know fine art if it ran them over. The point is, if you know about art and have money then it’s easy to see that the 2008 Bentley Continental GTC is art in motion.

The fresh air kid is third to join the Bentley Continental clan. All joking aside, there is nothing kiddish, small or prepubescent about the new convertible but it ‘s still catching a lot of crap from the critics. We feel the critics are a tasteless bunch of have-nots and race-junkies who are secretly longing for their own Bentley. Any semi-intelligent life form knows that Bentleys are made for a noble statement not race-track record breaking.  We like to enjoy the finer things in life and on Bentley’s behalf, the Bentley engine pushes the 5,478 pound giantess (think Chevrolet Suburban) from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. Now that’s beauty in a beast and incredible engineering, the Suburban could never get close to that pickup and wouldn’t even look half as good trying.

The new Bentley Continental GTC exotic car is an elegant and sumptuous vehicle that may feel a bit heavy from behind the wheel but let us assure you that’s no accident. Bentley takes pride in old school British luxury and meticulously handcrafted touches, that’s nothing to criticize. The fact of the matter is that the wealthy are buying envious stares, mass attention and status with their Bentley. We aren’t pro-Paris Hilton or anything but even the ditzy blonde realized that a Bentley convertible would grab her some extra (much needed) attention.  If you can’t afford the Bentley GTC for $218,235, then don’t knock it! 

If you can’t afford your own Bentley Continental GTC do not worry, how about renting one for the day to get the full Bentley experience.  The Continental GTC is the convertible version of the GT four-seater coupe for those that didn’t know. The richly textured three layered, sound-retardent roof with heated rear window isn’t your traditional folding roof. The long rear deck blends in with the retracted roof, and the leather cover conceals the roof in an elegant way without taking over the trunk, as opposed to other contemporary convertibles.   Dare we say it but we like the finished look of the GTC more than the coupe, the proportions just appear less forced.  Backlash to some degree is inevitable when turning a car into a convertible but we assure you, the GTC makes perfect sense.

The Bentley GTC is one of the few lavish touring convertibles on the market, the ride is richly smooth and driving fast just isn’t the priority.  Take the family for an open road, scenic cruise of Malibu or    Miami Beach. The GTC convertible is a model unto itself and sophisticated to say the least. Let the top down and revel in convertible touring at its best. Take in the open air and enjoy the road rather than race it for once.