Adriano Who? The New AG Store Opens

AG stands for Adriano Goldschmied who is opening a new store, again, in south Florida. This time with the help of Miami Magazine, AG will have a Grand Opening for their new Aventura Mall location. For all of you AG lovers out there, the soire will be on September 18th at 6pm on the upper level of the Aventura Mall. You can enjoy discounted shopping, cocktails and hors d’oeurves oh my..

Now, we have a few things to say about AG. We attended the last Grand Opening on Washington Ave., in Miami Beach not too long ago and it was anything but grand.  There was a red carpet and velvet ropes, both of which were unnecessary. There were a few celebrities but not even a packed out house. The only saving grace of the night was watching DJ AM spin his tunes. Without AM the entire event was a big yawn-fest. AM is the best and we adore his performaces, solo or with drummer Travis Barker it is music to see. DJ AM is a musical genuios and everytime he is in Miami Beach we make it our mission to see him perform.

 These days the store seems quiet over there on Washington, to say the least. Maybe the new store is part of a smoke and mirror act, maybe someone out there still actually wears AG (although we can’t imagine who). AG just seems so 90’s in a bad way, not worth the money, nor inspiring. So unless you’re looking for a jeans sale or lack fashion sense, fill in Thursday night with some real plans.