Why Exotic Car Ownership Will Make You Cry

Owning an exotic car is expensive, any way you analyze it. Some fail to understand that even after a huge purchase price, the rodeo is not over and the bills will continue to roll in faster than the horsepower on their new toy. Renting an exotic car rather than owning one has many perks, most of which are financial.

Exotic car ownership costs

Exotic car ownership costs can add up

Insurance is one of the necessary evils in the world, and auto insurance is perhaps the most loathed. If you own a standard car, you can feel assured that exotic car owners are jealous of your monthly premiums! And even though this will amaze many, women drivers receive better deals on auto insurance because they are rated as more cautious…I can think of quite a few exotic car crash photos to insert here involving blondes, but I should be nice!

Insuring an exotic car can sometimes cost more than the purchase price of a regular vehicle. If you own a luxury car you already know the high costs associated with maintenance and ownership. If you rarely drive your luxury car, why not free yourself of the burdens and instead indulge in a luxury car rental on occasion?

Lamborghini rentals

Lamborghini rentals are cheaper than breaking down and buying one, especially if you plan to drive it sparingly

Even simple aspects such as replacing a headlamp or buying new tires are expensive when it is an exotic car. When considering purchasing a supercar, they say if you would miss the money, you cannot afford it. That saying, however, does not apply to a luxury car rental, which is way more affordable than you may imagine, some can rev up your weekend for as low as $85 USD per hour!

Bentley Flying Spur rentals

Bentley Flying Spur rental

Ferrari California rental Miami

Ferrari California rental in Miami

Maserati Quattroporte rental

Maserati Quattroporte rental

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