Porsche Design Touts Techy Johnnie Walker-Themed Luxury Bar

For all the Johnnie Walker Blue Label lovers out there, things just got a whole lot smoother! Porsche Design House has created a private bar for the elite drinkers of the high-end scotch, for just $150,000. You can almost own a Porsche for that price, or you can buy the bar and a Porsche rental…though you may require a chauffeur if you spend too much time at it!

Porsche Designs Johnnie Walker Luxury Bar

Porsche Designs Johnnie Walker Luxury Bar

The exclusive Johnnie Walker bar is the latest edition to the design house’s boutique line and stands an erect 6 feet tall. Just 50 examples of this elegant gentlemen’s bar will be created, and they will be customizable by their distinguished owners. The exterior is comprised of manly brushed stainless steel, leather and Australian lace wood (this sounds like a cologne).I think a nicely chilled million dollar bottle of Russo Baltique vodka belongs in a bar like this.

Russo Baltique Vodka

A bottle of Russo Baltique Vodka will set you back a cool million for your personal booze collection! I wonder how much you would have to charge per shot to make a profit?

Porsche Designs Johnnie Walker Luxury Bar

It needs its own theme song that starts when it opens!

The unique bar will showcase one or more Porsche Design crafted bottles of the luxury liquor, elegant crystal glasses, a crystal water decanter, ice partition and other typical bar accessories. The best feature of this bar is that it relies on motion sensors to activate an automated opening sequence, which then pivot and slide to display its features. How James Bond…I recommend an Aston Martin rental to match! Poker night would definitely be hosted at our house if we had this luxury item on display!

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