WTF: Hip-Hop Mogul Wyclef Jean Shot in Haiti

Wyclef Jean shot in Haiti

American singer and music producer Wyclef Jean, formerly of the Fugees, was shot in the hand while campaigning for presidential candidate Michel Martelly in Haiti. 

Apparently random gunfire erupted and Wyclef sustained a stray bullet to the hand.  A bulletproof luxury car rental 007 style was needed, like an Aston Martin rental Miami style!  Seriously though, Wyclef was lucky it was only a minor injury, the situation could have become quite grim for the hip-hop star. 


Wyclef Jean Ferrari Luxury Cars

Wyclef has exotic car fever, shown here with two stunners.  He owns a $350,000 Pagani Zonda, a Ferrari 360 spider, an F1 McLaren and a Mercedes G-500.


Wyclef, 41, was listed in stale, er… stable condition in a hospital in Port-au-Prince last Sunday after being treated for the bullet wound to his right hand.  Is this the price for being Martelly’s ‘right hand man’?
Wyclef Jean announced after the earthquake in Haiti that he intended to run for president there, but was told he was ineligible.  Remaining active in the Caribbean country’s politics, Wyclef returned to Haiti to campaign for Martelly, a fellow entertainer and singer.

The shooting occurred as polls opened for a presidential run-off.  The first round of voting on November 28th ended in fraud allegations and unrest.  In the end, Haiti’s 4.7 million voters will choose between newcomer Martelly, 50, and former first lady Mirlande Manigat, 70, a law professor and opposition matriarch. 

Wyclef Jean Haiti

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