Yacht Lamborghini: The Soul of Lamborghini to Hit the High Seas!

Two of luxury living’s finest toys have finally merged together as one: a Lamborghini and a motor yacht! Designer Mauro Lecchi had a dream…a vision of a floating Lamborghini bearing a close resemblance to its pavement-pounding counterpart, the Lamborghini Reventon…and the drawings are incredible! How would this look in our Miami luxury yacht charter fleet?

Lamborghini yacht

Lamborghini yacht renderings

While the Lamborghini yacht is merely a rendering and a dream at this point, the point is that it will soon become a reality. According to the prototype, the luxury yacht intends to use carbon fiber to reduce weight, and will sprawl 15m in length, 4m in width and stand 3.8 meters high.

Lamborghini Reventon

The inspiration for yacht Lamborghini…the Lamborghini Reventon

The intimidating Lambo yacht will boast a pair of V12 Motori Marini Lamborghini engines pushing out 550 horses each. There may be the option of a pair of Seatek Turbo diesels with 950-horse capacity available.  That should slice nicely through the blue and green waters of the Caribbean on any luxury yacht charter!

Lamborghini Yacht

The interior is anticipated to be created by designer Fenice Milano, known for his work on the fabulous Rolls Royce Ghost. This may be the most exotic and exciting yacht created over the past decade, perhaps even more so than Audi’s hybrid yacht concept, which was very cool…yet an Audi is no Lamborghini. At least not yet.




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