Ferrari Camp—Where the Cool Kids Are

Anyone who attended summer camp as a kid likely has memories of log cabins, lakes, canoes and butterflies. Not so much in Italy, where the kids at Ferrari Camp are left with memories of exotic sports cars, encounters with famous drivers, playing relay games right on the race track driving toy Ferraris and more! Yes, Ferrari Camp is where the cool kids go.

Don’t be jealous of the kiddos, you are an adult and have the right to rent a Ferrari in Chicago or any other city you please!


In the video you can see chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo popping into Ferrari’s day camp to see how the bambini are doing. Montezemolo brought Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso along that day, certainly a joy for the kids!


Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters is more than just an adult’s dream. It features a full housing village for employees, complete with dining, bar, gym and even a summer day camp for the little tykes! I assume the Ferrari Factory has a very low if not nonexistent turnover rate for employees! It is the job dreams are made of.





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