16 Fisker Luxury Hybrids Explode During Sandy

Fisker luxury hybrids have experience bad Karma once again, thanks to Mother Nature! When hurricane Sandy ripped across the east coast, she left a fleet of Fisker Karma hybrids in her wake that apparently simply exploded during the storm! According to Fisker, one Karma caught fire after the saltwater left a corrosive residue on the control unit, which eventually shorted and burst into flames. That fire is said to have spread to the other 15 cars, which survived the surge without combusting.

Fisker Luxury Hybrids Explode

Fisker Karma

The stricken lot was brimming with 16 Fisker Karma hybrid cars, waiting to fill the demand of upscale drivers seeking a greener pasture. Those drivers are now going to have to wait, because these cars are a total loss! All 16 Karmas caught fire after being flooded by the storm surge. True to the competitive nature of luxury carmakers, Fisker pointed out that many other vehicles also caught fire, including several Prius cars.

Fisker Luxury Hybrids ExplodeThe pricey luxury hybrids were perched dockside in Port Newark, NJ. The fleet had just been unloaded after arriving from Finland. Each car is worth around $100,000 USD.

Fisker Karmas explode

Fisker addressed the issue with a statement saying that no one had been injured and that the plug-in cars were unplugged at the time. It will be a bit before insurance adjusters and such will have access to the area for a full investigation.

Fisker Karmas explode

Hearing about a Fisker Karma catching fire brought back the memories! Remember the one that burst into flames in a Texas homeowner’s garage? There was another Karma in California that spontaneously caught fire in a grocery parking lot. No, neither Fisker belonged to Leonardo DiCaprio or Justin Bieber, who both own one.

Fisker Karmas explode

Dear Fisker: Install a fire extinguisher in each car when a recall occurs and in future production models.

Fisker Karmas explode

A Fisker fire

Fisker Karmas explode

A Fisker caught fire in a Texas garage

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