Remember the World’s Fastest Roof Box?

Last year, Christian von Koenigsegg inspired awe with a 1100 horsepower hypercar sporting a rather unique feature: What is likely the world’s fastest roof box! In every aspect, the 2011 Koenigsegg Agera R seems typical of today’s high performance and appearance standards. It is the obtrusive yet aerodynamic storage trunk on the top that generated such shock and awe! The unusual is typical of Mr. Koenigsegg, think back to the prototype without a camshaft.
world's fastest roof box

Koenigsegg is basically a master when it comes to creating true supercars. Apparently, he is also bold enough to add an entrepreneurial approach in the process!

The Agera R packs plenty of power to haul the interesting roof box, with a 5-liter V8 bi-turbo engine kicking out 1100 horses. The world’s fastest car boasts 1200 horses, to put things into perspective (The Bugatti Veryon Super Sport). While there are faster cars, the Veyron SS is currently the fastest production car available, and the price tag mirrors as much at north of $1 million USD.

world's fastest roof box

This Thule roof box serves as an exterior trunk, which is quite handy when you consider that most hypercars do not even include cup-holders and can scarcely transport a toddler.

world's fastest roof box

The addition of a Thule Roof Box ensures something no other hypercar on the planet can claim: the storage capacity of a sedan. The best part? The box can be removed and put back on in under 10 minutes. Upon reaching a travel destination, just unbolt the lot and cart it into the hotel room! The normal roof transports inside the front luggage area, to be replaced upon removal of the roof box.

world's fastest roof box

The Agera R can reach speeds of 245+ mph, and you can pack for the weekend. Win-win.


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