1926 Bentley Logs 1.5 Million Kilometers

Bentley cars are certainly well-made, like this 1926 Red Label Vande Plas! This car has been meticulously maintained for 87 years and logged 1.5 million kilometers of luxury travel! What a wonderful display of longevity from one of the longest-running forerunners of exotic automobile brands. I wonder if any of our Bentley rentals in Chicago will log so many miles!

1926 Red Label Vande Plas

1926 Red Label Vande Plas

The Bentley attended the Inaugural Crescent Beach Invitational Collector Car & Motorcycle Show (Vancouver area) driven by owner Robin Hine. Some of the most unusual and best-kept autos can be found at the show, which acts as a magnet for thousands of gawkers and fans. But Robin’s geriatric Bentley has shockingly never been restored!

What amazes further is that the car was formerly the daily driver of Robin’s grandfather in the 1930s (Who was an insurance broker for Lloyd’s of London)! The Bentley was then passed down to Robin’s father, who bounced the car to Canada when he immigrated there, then eventually back to England. During its rather lengthy lifespan, Robin and his brothers even learned to drive in the lavish ride!

Robin inherited the Bentley and returned it to Canada. In his own words,
"Of all my brothers, I had always shown the most interest in the old girl and had done a lot of the maintenance and repairs."

1926 Red Label Vande Plas

There is even a bit of humor to the Hine family Bentley story! Robin’s dad loaned the convertible top to someone in Scotland in 1955…and never saw it again. So much for being nice!


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