Uh-Oh! Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce! Video

Attention devoted Kardashian fans! 72 days and $10 million dollars after their lavish and, of course, highly publicized wedding, Kim Kardashian has abruptly filed for divorce from Kris Humphries! Hey, at least the happy couple raked in around $17 million for the wedding pics…which will leave a profit even after Kim Kardashian’s wedding rental cars! (Video at bottom of post!)

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries
The wedding lasted from August 20th –October 31st, 2011 (according to official docs, see below).

I will bypass the boring ‘poor Kim’ stuff and get right to the financial aspects, because that is what interests the masses! That is $138,888 dollars per day that they enjoyed marital bliss. Kim K has a solid pre-nup, and has asked that the court reject any move by Kris to obtain spousal support. In addition, she asks that he foot his own attorney fees. Ouch.

Kardashian divorce filing

Even though the union was shorter than Britney Spear’s skirts, Kim is not seeking an annulment. She cites "irreconcilable differences”…standard Hollywood procedure! 

Perhaps Kris should holla at ole’ Kfed and find out how he worked his divorce from star Britney Spears in his financial favor…who knows how long this NBA lockout will endure! Though Kim has hired none other than Laura Wasser, who has represented celebs like Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, Maria Shriver and Robyn Gibson…so maybe he is out of luck.

Kardashian Humphries

He will always miss dat azz…sigh.

News of the divorce filing is viral, and has shocked the world. Rumors are rampant, but most assume that it has everything to do with Kim wishing to remain in LA and Kris wanting to eventually settle down in…drumroll please…Minnesota. So why didn’t this conversation come up before the $10 million wedding? Sorry, but if you have time to draw-up and ironclad pre-nup, you have a few minutes to discuss your living arrangements! If that is the reason, I find it tacky and immature.

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Rumors began last week, when the pair were spotted looking less than pleased in public. Was Kris talking up the finer points of Minnesota as Kimmy cringed? Time and tabloids shall tell! Thanks, TMZ!


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