1950’s Era Aston Martin

A medium rare slice of history is available from Aston Martin, a 1955 DB3S privateer! RM Auctions anticipates between $3.5 and $4 million dollars will change hands for ownership of this historical racecar. Just 20 examples were built, and this racer is in original condition–which should attract plenty of potential buyers. Rare automobile auctions entice larger audiences today because word is spread like wildfire when they break out into the light for the first time in decades!

DB3S privateer

Throughout the 1950s, Aston Martin worked hard to be taken seriously in international sports car competitions, where Britain held the reigns

This rare Aston Martin racer was created with the lofty goal of winning the Le Mans 24 Hour Race. The first attempt was the DB3, which was not as successfully as the more svelte DB3S. It is amazing how the need for speed can propel a company to accomplish so much!

Aston Martin DB3S

It is equally attractive under the hood

Chassis 118 and millions of dollars will change hands in Monterey. Originally owned by Dutch racer Hans Davids, this car was painted in his favored Dutch Racing Orange. The current owner acquired it in 1992 and painted it white with blue stripes. It has since been restored to its original hues for the auction.

Aston Martin DB3S

Aston Martin DB3S

Aston Martin DB3S

Does the racing orange bring out the history of this model?


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