First Ferrari Tailor Made Model Rolls Out: A Plaid and Carbon Fiber Dream?

Back in November, we highlighted Ferrari’s new program called Tailor Made. It is an exclusive program for Ferrari owners, allowing them to completely customize their luxury rides–down to every last stitch. The first U.S. owner has received delivery of a Tailor Made car, using the lavish Pebble Beach show as the perfect reception! The model is the FF hatchback, which is great to create traction for the awkward member of the fleet!

Tailor Made Ferrari FF at Pebble Beach

Pro golfer Ian Poulter is the owner of the first Tailor made Ferrari FF, shown above

Customizations bump up the final sales price considerably, and Ferrari states that nearly all clients opt to personalize. While the results are not always what others want to see on the road, they are exactly what the owner ordered! An exotic car is much more than a means of transportation; it is an emotionally charged item that expresses the owner’s personality, much like wardrobe. For this reason, Ferrari’s special program is designed to cater to the personal preferences of their customers, giving them the freedom of absolute expression.

Tailor Made Ferrari FF at Pebble Beach

The interior displays the full extent of customization involved in this special program

The proud owner of the first Tailor Made (U.S.) car is pro golfer Ian Poulter. Not only did Poulter have the floor at Pebble Beach, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa personally delivered his new custom ride!

Tailor Made Ferrari FF at Pebble Beach

Carbon fiber finish

Poulter’s FF hatchback features:
• A Sabbia triple-coat finish
• Black Poltrona Frau leather seating with a tease of tartan (basically plaid)
• Carbon fiber elements on the dash
• Carbon fiber lining the trunk (One cannot say he has junk in his trunk…)

Tailor Made Ferrari FF at Pebble Beach

The design changes for Poulter’s car were purely aesthetic, maintaining the 6.3-liter V12 and all 651 prancing ponies.

Tailor Made Ferrari FF at Pebble Beach

Carbon fiber and plaid do not actually look bad!

Tailor Made Ferrari FF at Pebble Beach

Poulter paired his signature plaid slacks with his new ride


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