Mercedes-Benz Wins Best of Show at Pebble Beach

The star of Pebble Beach 2012 was Mercedes Benz, rolling home with the coveted Best of Show award thanks to a very special 1928 Saoutchik S Type. This car was created by French coachbuilder Jacques Saoutchik, featuring a low windscreen and torpedo like body…the first lowrider?

Mercedes at Pebble Beach

The historic Mercedes S Type proved to be a showstopper and stealer

The S Type was launched in 1927 and is also known as the 680 S because of the 6.8-liter under the hood. This branch of the family featured a six-cylinder engine, superchargers and served as an evolution of the Model K super sports car.  Aside from the turbochargers, additional power was derived by the dual ignition. There were 2 spark plugs per cylinder, one fired by a battery ignition and another by a high-voltage magneto ignition.

Mercedes at Pebble Beach

These cars dominated racing history over the years, doubling as road vehicles

This specimen was stored for over 30 years before current owners Paul and Judy White restored it for the Pebble Beach show, thanks for sharing the historic treasure!

Mercedes at Pebble Beach

Judges named it the finest vehicle on display at the prestigious event

Mercedes at Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach effortlessly draws in the crowds

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