Luxurious Holiday Hosting for Newlyweds

The holiday season is upon us, and families across the world are in top gear prepping for the festivities. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali or Festivus, the occasion will surely be best enjoyed surrounded by family and friends. While the notion of hosting may be daunting – especially for young couples and newlyweds – proper planning and the stylish, savvy touch can ensure you have a luxurious holiday that will be remembered through the years!

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Expensive Tastes: The Cupcake Worth More Than an Exotic Car Rental

There is a cupcake in the UAE with a $27,000 USD price tag and a lifespan of 15 minutes! It is definitely hard to swallow the thought of a measly cupcake worth about 30 exotic rental car trips! Sorry UAE…but I would much rather rent every car at Imagine Lifestyles for a month than swallow one bling-emblazoned cupcake!

Golden Phoenix cupcake

The Golden Phoenix. Seriously?

Mandarin Oriental Menu Goes Sky High

For those love the Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel and Lufthansa airline, you will be pleased to learn that Mandarin’s delectable delicacies will now be available on the airliner’s business and first-class flights! It is upscale dining fused with first-class travel, a luxury travel tip to relish!

Mandarin Menu hits Lufthansa air

Suddenly, long flights seem more palatable

Top 3 Miami Luxury Hotel Experiences: Biltmore, Setai and The Mondrian

The following Miami luxury hotels offer three distinctive experiences: Classic opulence, Zen elegance and modern boutique. Book a stay out of curiosity, return out of pure adoration! Choose your first hotel, then contact Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals and mention this article for a $200 discount* on an exotic rental car in Miami to compliment your stay!

Biltmore Hotel Miami
Biltmore Hotel

New South Beach Hotspot: Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge is Back!

The iconic Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge will reopen after 6 years on December 10th, 2011! The former celebrity haunt will reopen its luxurious doors thanks to popular demand, which has to be a comfort to owners Jack and Lucia Penrod. This is an upscale dining tip not to be missed...unless you really hate orange. 

Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge Miami

Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge Miami

Savor the South Beach Wine & Food Festival

One of the best annual Miami events is fast approaching--the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. This event is popular for obvious reasons—wine and food! In case you didn’t know, Miami is one of the best locations on earth to experience exotic cuisines and wines with unique flavor fusions. This event is a luxury travel tip that is ideal for everyone.

South Beach Food & Wine Festival

Dark Dining Miami Style—Have You Been Blindfolded?

Chef Adrianne Calvo is a highly regarded culinary artist in the Miami Beach food & wine scene, and is continuing her popular ‘Dark Dining’ series in Miami this month. You can experience sensory deprivation and overload simultaneously at her Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Dark Dining Miami

Dark dining in Miami

Pricier than an Exotic Car Rental: The Top Ten Most Expensive Foods on Earth

The following culinary creations wield price tags worthy of a luxury car rental or ownership of an exotic vehicle!  While many of these items do sound delicious, keep in mind that the brief interval spent with them is not likely to linger like the thrill of an exotic car rental!   

Here are the top 10 most expensive foods, in ascending order:

1.  Matsutake Mushrooms--$1000 per pound due to rarity

Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake Mushrooms

Top 5 Disney Musts if you are Used to Luxury

Traveling to the Magic Kingdom?  Here are some travel tips if you are going to Disney!

1.  Indulge in an exotic SUV rental to travel from park to park  Nothing trumps a sweet and roomy Range Rover rental Florida or Escalade rental Florida to relax between parks.  Disney is very big and it can wear you out, know that it can take up to 20 minutes to travel between parks.  A spacious luxury SUV rental can really help you recoup between excursions! 

Luxury SUV rental Florida

Also, Hire a limo service for the nighttime.  If you would like to park hop or go to Epcot for dinner each evening, a limo or chauffeured car service is the way to go.  You will already tired from a full day of walking around the park, so why not use a car service to save your energy for the parks?

Paris, France Via Chicago

Visit Paris, on Hubbard Street in Chicago

There may not be an Eiffel Tower anywhere near, but the Melman Brothers latest foray into cuisine in Chicago might make some feel as if they are very close.  The boys from Hub 51 are back at it again and this time are taking a little different approach with the menu, while keeping the ambience of the joint modern and upbeat.  Just because the menu screams of French influence doesn’t mean there won’t be a DJ spinning on the weekends nearby your table. Add a few Chicago luxury car rentals out front and you will feel like you hit the perfect mix of clubs, cuisine and cars.

Paris France