The 2010 Ferrari California Unveiled

Drum roll please, here is the Ferrari California unveiled…

Ferrari is planning to take some market share from the AMG Mercedes SL, the Bentley Continental GTC, and the Aston DB9 Volante with the 2010 Ferrari California. Ferrari had introduced direct fuel inject technology to their famous V8, positioned over the front axle. A new 4.3 liter V8  will do zero to 60 mph in around 4 seconds with a 194 mph V-max. Additionally, the California’s new seven speed twin-clutch transmission changes gears faster than the F430 Scuderia.

Ferrari predicts that 70% of California customers will be new to the marque and most likely not serious drivers. Which is exactly what Ferrari wanted with the California; a target market that rather play a leisure round of golf than do Ferrari Challenge laps. The push-button automatic hardtop does an up-and-down in 14 seconds and roof up, the California can fit two sets of gold clubs in the trunk. The 2010 Ferrari California will write a new chapter in history for the famous Italian automaker. For a firm built on racing laurels and Formula One victories it seems popularity and commodity are most important right now. Ferrari wants to sell the new model for under $190,000, possibly even less. With a lower price and more versatile coupe-convertible body, Ferrari may just dilute the Ferrari brand name. Tell us what you think? One thing is definite, you can bet on seeing a few Ferrari Californias in your neighborhood by 2010.