2010 Lotus Exige Cup 260-A Work In Progress

2010 Lotus Exige 260 CupLotus is continuously improving upon its 2010 Exige Cup 260 model, tweaking it closer toward perfection.  While it is already the best Lotus ever, this street legal racecar is preened for performance and quite the looker as well!

Similar to its predecessor, the Exige Cup 260 draws its major components from the Lotus Exige GT3 racecar, namely performance and style.  Alterations made so far to the 2010 Exige include:

•    Improved aerodynamic package
•    Impossibly light alloy wheels
•    30% stiffer rear chassis
•    257 Horsepower
•    Light-weight race battery

In efforts to lighten the overall body of the new baby, Lotus has replaced most of the aluminum body panels with carbon fiber, and removed extraneous items such as carpets, battery covers, mud flaps, rear view and sun visors. 

The company also installed a light weight race battery and included cues to indicate its racing capacity such as an oversized roof scoop that delivers air into the intercooler and a rear wing spoiler to increase down-force and stability at high speeds. This is important when you note that the 2010 Lotus stretches from zero to 60 in just 4.1 seconds.

Timeline for marketing the new Lotus Exige is not definite at this juncture, though prices are anticipated to be around the $80,000 range, depending on how you want to personalize yours. If you like to go fast but are not keen on dropping your load for a new car, an exotic car rental may be the best bet for you. 

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