Hermes Goes to Sea? The Yacht Concept

Hermes WHY Yacht ConceptBetter known for $3,000 Birkin handbags and signature scarves, Hermes is testing the waters in the world of luxury yachts-with a concept that is making quite the splash.

The luxury brand has joined forces with Monaco-based ship-builder Wally to bestow upon us the “WHY 58×38”, a concept yacht that will cost approximately $90 million to build.  The companies have revealed a life-sized model of the chic concept in Ancona, Italy.

The initial reaction seems to be to its highly unusual shape, as the backside seems to be entirely…absent.  Naval architect Mauro Sculii assures that the odd dimensions of the WHY actually serve to give it great stability.  The width of the superyacht comprises nearly two-thirds of its 190-foot length, which is shocking.  In place of the traditional tapered stern, the WHY appears to be sheared off, with its own 30-meter beachfront along the back, which looks like the middle of a yacht sliced in half. 

An attention grabber is the naturally lit spa, made possible by the uniquely outrageous design, including a traditional Turkish Hammam.  The yacht concept is a triple deck design, with a swimming pool and of course a helipad.  The interior includes adaptable living spaces placed around a salon, cinema, music room, library and dining room opening to the sea.
The entire third floor is a devoted flat for the lucky owners, a 200-meter expanse with a private terrace and panoramic views of the sea.  The second floor accommodates up to 12 guests in five plush suites.  The guests will be attended to appropriately, as there are quarters for up to 20 crewmembers aboard.

This superyacht can cruise at 12 knots, with a maximum speed of 14 knots, and the companies claim it can make up to four Atlantic crossings sans major maintenance.  For the environmentally savvy buyers out there, solar panels coat the roof and sides of the vessel, effectively saving up to 200 tons of diesel fuel annually, according to Hermes.

While Hermes has dabbled in luxury helicopters and smart cars, this marks the luxury brand’s first attempt in the yachting industry.  We can imagine ourselves living on the WHY…sipping mojitos on the exceptional backside, dining with friends in the open-sea dining room, and possibly discussing which exotic rental car to choose for our next land excursion…oh the possibilities.  Well, there are always luxury yacht charters if you can’t exactly afford the Hermes WHY. 

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