2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid

2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 HybridMercedes-Benz has managed to successfully dodge typical hybrid traps of the trade by making no attempt to disguise the fact that the S400 Blue Hybrid is going to double as a racecar.

Instead, they have downsized the S550’s engine by 36 percent and replaced the 5.5-liter V8 with a 3.5-liter V6 in efforts to offer a luxury green vehicle that cuts costs even before the hybrid equipment is added for further enhancement.  The V6 boasts 275 horsepower, and just as the V6 4-cylinder Toyota Pruis, utilizes the fuel-efficient Atkinson cycle to extract optimum energy from each combustion cycle.

Now for the hybrid additions to the S400.  Mercedes has added a 20 horsepower electric motor, bringing the total to 295, and a lithium-ion battery.  The Tesla Roadster uses a group of 6,831 conventional laptop batteries.  This is the first car by Mercedes-Benz to use a lithium-ion battery engineered expressly for an auto.

The S400 is a flagship Mercedes; decadently green and designed to deliver a solid 29 miles per gallon while still holding the S-Class appeal.  An advantage of the S400 lies in the price range; it is actually $3,650 less than the average S550 V8 model-$88,825 rather than $92,475.  Another perk is that the S400 Mercedes-Benz qualifies for a $1,150 dollar federal alternative vehicle rebate.

Worried about passing sluggish traffic? No worries, the Mercedes S400 top speed is 130 miles per hour, and it accelerates properly.  The regenerative brakes return energy to the battery, though as with most hybrids, do not feel linear and smooth.  The stop-start engine function is above average, though not flawless for the S400.  This is a luxury hybrid for those who are not in it for a race, but prefer to hold onto their preferred Mercedes-Benz classic comforts and luxury.  Remember you can always indulge in a Mercedes-Benz rental if you are not quite ready to commit. 

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