2010 Paris Auto Show Lamborghini Preview

The 2010 Paris Auto Show is fast approaching, and will be showcasing the latest and greatest luxury autos and more from October 2nd through the 17th.  The auto blogs are blowing up with rumors of drastic changes from our friends at Lamborghini.  So is it true?  Is Lamborghini planning to unveil two new cars at the show?

It seems that luxury carmaker Lamborghini is generating some buzz aside from the Jota model (LB715-5), with rumors of a second model also to be revealed at the Paris Auto Show.  Could it be? (Insert ‘The HaThe Hangover Moviengover’ jokes here). 

According to rumors, the Italian marquee will be simultaneously debuting the Lamborghini Jota and the “83X” at the show.  There is also talk that Lamborghini may be showing the “83X” as soon as September 23rd at a special dealership event.  So what is this elusive “83X”?

Some say it is going to be a production version of the spectacular Lamborghini Estoque concept, though further details remain vague.  Others think it will be a variant of the Gallardo, which seems to have run its course.   Still other rumors claim that a Lamborghini sedan is in our future.  The Jota model is being touted as the replacement for the Murcielago Lamborghini. 

Lamborghini Jota Supercar

Oh, Lambo, must you keep us in suspense?



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