2014 Ferrari 458 Challenge Car Revealed

The official 2014 Ferrari 458 Challenge car has been decided and the Prancing Horse is gearing up for another successful racing circuit in the Americas and elsewhere. Now fans and participants can prepare for the accelerated annual event, which allows owners and gentlemen-racers the opportunity to race. This year’s designated car is the Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione.


458 Challenge car

The first 458 Challenge car emerged in 2010, shortly after the introduction of the road version hit showrooms. This year’s car looks fantastic in a flashy yellow. 

The Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione is exactly what the name implies—an evolved version of last year’s 458 Challenge car. Those who own the previous version can race in the Ferrari Challenge if they are able to upgrade their cars to the Evoluzione package specifications.

Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione

Rules and regulations for the Challenge are as tight as the 458 Ferrari handles a corner–including exactly which Ferrari model is permitted to race. (Photo by Michael van de Velde).

The 2014 Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzione at a glance:

  • Higher performance for both lap times and long distances.
  • More power thanks to a little weight loss and the Evoluzione’s potent 4.5-liter V8. Ferrari Challenge racing cars are much lighter than the road going Ferrari supercars, so the 570 Prancing Horses bolting forth from the engine go much further. A stock Ferrari 458 packs around 562 ponies.
  • It hugs the road with a lower ride height. The Evoluluzione is perched on 19-inch wheels with the same Brembo CCM2 racing brakes from the Ferrari 599XX car.
  • Ferrari F1-Trac traction control system.
  • E-Diff electronic differential.
  • The rear wing was painstakingly engineered using studies of previous GT racing. The downforce generated by the latest Ferrari Challenge car is balanced all the way to the nose of the car thanks to a special splitter and undertray. Cornering and overall speed are increased with the new rear wing.

Ferrari 458 Challenge EvoluzionePhoto by Michael van de Velde

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