Which 2014 Mercedes-Benz Can Stop and Steer Itself?

Mercedes-Benz is eager to unleash some futuristic trends for the next-gen cars. The new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will take the brand one step closer to an autonomous car–boasting the ability to stop and steer itself. While it seems quite sci-fi at this juncture, many brands are gearing up to offer autonomous vehicles behind the scenes. The concepts are largely ignored or labeled as crazy, but the technology is coming. The word ‘safety’ could quite possibly ensure its survival success.

2014 Mercedes-Benz

The 2014 Mercedes S-Class

Why the word safety? Because of the many deaths attributed to operating motor vehicles every year around the world. Some feel that automobiles capable of driving themselves would lead to fewer accidents and deaths because of technology capable of detecting objects and more features. The argument being that while humans have attention span problems, machines are always focused on the road. Texting and other distractions could be less lethal in the future.

The idea of an autonomous car is exciting, but it is not anywhere near reality as of yet. It will be a few more years before the technology is perfected. Remember the autonomous Google car? It is the first one that is actually legally navigating the roads right now, and others are eager to gain ground in the new trend.

2014 Mercedes-Benz

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Driver Assistance Package at a glance:

  • $2,800 total cost
  • Created to assist with preventing and avoiding crashes and injuries without the need of driver input
  • It functions via a combination of cameras, radar, specialized sensors and sophisticated technology.
  • The car has the ability to both accelerate and decelerate to propel itself through traffic. It can also nudge the steering wheel and hit the brakes when the car leaves its lane. These features are known as corrective steering and braking. Think of it as your favorite back-seat driver!
  • The technology can anticipate traffic approaching an intersection
  • Pedestrians can also be detected and brakes are applied if the driver fails to slow down. The car can stop itself from around 31 miles per hour in just seconds.
  • MSRP is $92,900 USD
2014 Mercedes-Benz

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