Is the 2015 Lotus Elise a Game Changer?

The 2015 Lotus Elise shows the gradual progression of the model. While Lotus has been on the extreme side of busy developing the Eterne, Esprit, Elite and Elan, the Elise was clearly given its fair share of attention. The new styling cues may be slight, but they provide an overall effect that is sharper and fresh for the future of the Elise. It made a surprise reveal at the Paris Motor Show this year, where it dazzled onlookers with its transformation.

2015 Lotus Elise

Fun fact: The Lotus Elise first rolled out in the 1990s. There transition from the first models to the latest is entertaining. 

Lotus Elise

The bubbly predecessor 

2015 Lotus Elise

The 2015 Lotus Elise at a glance: 

  • It will be available as both a coupe and a convertible, though the Exige name seems to have been left in the rear view.
  • It is laden with carbon fiber adornments and is a bit more stretched thanks to an extended aluminum chassis.
  • Power stems from a supercharged 2.0-liter four-banger kicking out 345 horses.
  • The engine is mated to a robotized manual transmission, which means it likely still “Corners like its on rails”, to quote the epic “Pretty Woman”.  There may also be the option of a seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual developed in-house by Lotus, though this remains to be verified.
  • Stop/start technology is integrated into the guts.

2015 Lotus Elise

As with any Lotus, the engine is supplied by Toyota while Lotus performs its own engine tweaking and management. The performance projections for the 2015 Lotus Elise are as follows: It will hit the 0-60 mile per hour jump in approximately 4.3 seconds and top out at around 170 miles per hour. These are not exactly insane power specs, but the Elise would still generate envy in the office parking lot daily.

2015 Lotus Elise

2015 Lotus Elise

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