A $275,000 1970 Mustang, or a New Ferrari F430 Spider?

Chalk one up for brand loyalty-some people really love their favorite car brand, and are willing to pay forFerrari F430 Spider Rental Miami it.  This was proven yet again during an auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, when a 1970 Boss 429 Mustang sold for an unprecedented $275,000. 

Yes, a Ford Mustang from 1970 sold for approximately $50,000 dollars more than a brand-new Ferrari F430 Spider.  A new F430 Spider goes for between $168,000- $227,000.  What was this fanatic Mustang fan thinking? 

Close your eyes and picture a bright red Ferrari F430 Spider with the top down, glistening in the sun with the supermodel of your choice waiting for you in the passenger seat.  Now close your eyes and picture a veggie-green Mustang jalopy from 40 years ago loitering in your driveway…and your mother yelling at you to come inside for dinner.  Which one would you pick?  If you are a fan of our luxury blog, and not a die-hard Mustang brand fan, we think the choice is quite obvious. $275,000 1970 Mustang Boss 429

The 500 Boss 429 Mustang is a collector car, coated in Ford’s “Grabber Green” paint.  Word is that it is restored to “better than factory new” condition, and was billed by Barrett Jackson Auction as top of the line.  These auctioneers are quite talented, and the final price of this Mustang relic certainly reflected this.


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