The $427,000 Hulme CanAm Supercar is Stunning!

Hulme CanAm Supercar

I am always a sucker for a new concept car or new supercar style, and I am not a slave to a name brand.  So while I have never heard of Hulme Supercars, this hot orange little number caught my attention as I was guiltily surfing through exotic cars online as if it were porn.  This would make a fabulous exotic rental car for any fleet!

Hulme Supercars

It comes from Auckland, and will be launched in true luxury car ‘please buy me now’ format, with a limited run of just 20 supercars.  This is the only production road car to be named for F1 world champion Denny Hulme, and is a high-performance, mid-engine mounted roadster.


Hulme CanAm Supercar

Specifications of the Hulme CanAm supercar include a 7-liter Chevrolet LS7 V8 with 600 bhp and 600Nm torque, fed through a close-ratio 6-speed CIMA manual gearbox.  There will be both paddles and sequential shift options available.

Hulme Supercars CanAm

Because the CanAm supercar is constructed of ultra-lightweight and luxurious carbon composite tub and bodywork over a racing style chassis, it is capable of catapulting from the 0-62 mark in 3.5 seconds with top speeds of over 200 miles per hour.  Suspension and braking capacities are also race oriented.

CanAm Hulme Supercars

The Hulme CanAms will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis, and built to order.  For their $427,000 USD, each customer will also receive two “Air New Zealand Business Premier” (Fully flat bed) tickets to Auckland to see their baby, and a one-week luxury accommodations package as they go over the final fittings of the luxury car including road and circuit drives.

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